Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where can I find the proofreading exercises (here), and how can I download the folder insert? (here)
  • Where can I find many links to help with writing essays and research papers? (here)
  • Where can I get a sample Works Cited page in MLA format? (here)
  • Where can I get help with writing my thesis statement? (here)
  • How about learning what a topic sentence is and how to write a good one? (here)

  • Since we are on the topic of writing, how do I introduce articles and authors in my essays? (like this)
  • I am hungry. Can someone please give me a piece of P.I.E. so I can learn how to organize and develop my paragraphs? (you bet)
  • Beginnings and endings are important. What are some good tips on writing introductions and conclusions? (how about these?)
Cover of calendar by Faith Ringgold

Groovin' High by Faith Ringold

  • What criteria does Jon use to grade essays at the English 1A level and above? (these)
  • What do those check mark symbols in the margins stand for? (guide)
  • How do I write a summary? (try this)
  • I want to write like a pro. Where are the sentence combining exercises that will teach me to write longer more mature sentences? (here)
  • Where is that MLA page that will keep me from having to buy a handbook?

  • Annotate, annotate, annotate! Jon is always harping on the importance of being an active reader by annotating or marking up the text. Can you direct me to a system for annotating more effectively? (my pleasure)
  • Where can I find my course syllabus and day to day activities for the semester? It depends what class you are taking. On Jon's Home Page all of the classes have their own button. Go to the class page and then click on the Class Docs button, the top button. (see Class Docs for the English 1A class)
  • How can I find out Jon's class schedule and schedule of office hours? Go to Jon's schedule.
Matisses's Model by Faith Ringgold

On the Beach at Saint-Tropez by Faith Ringgold

  • Where can I find pictures of Hippie Jon and his lovely wife, Hippie Mary? (here)
  • Where are the pictures of Jon's family located, including pictures of his grandchildren? (here)
  • Can you please show me where Jon's grandson's artwork is located? (yes!)
  • Speaking of photos, can you direct me please to the Photoshop page with all the resouces on how to use Photoshop, and the cheaper, easier to use, Photoshop Elements 2? (sure)
  • I know Jon loves to take pictures and work on them in Photoshop. Where are the pictures of his last vacation in Mexico?

Where will Jon put up the next questions he thinks of?