Proofreading Check Mark Symbols


ab                                 faulty abbreviation

adj/cl                           adjective clause error

agr                               faulty agreement between subject and verb

apos                            apostrophe

awk                              awkward construction

cap                               capital letter

cit                                citation problem

cf                                 comma mistake

choppy                         too many short sentences; combine

cl                                 cliche

cs                                 comma splice — two complete sentences connected by a comma

dev                              paragraph poorly developed

dm                               dangling modifier

-ed                               -ed ending

frag                              sentence fragment — incomplete sentence

f/intro                          faulty introduction of author and/or text

good                             good point or well expressed

hom                             homonym, incorrect sound-alike word usage

log                               logic; this does not follow

mar                              margins

mla                              MLA format or citation error

num                            incorrect number reference

paral                            faulty parallel, or use parallel here

pass                             weak use of the passive

poss                             possessive

pron                            pronoun agreement mistake

proof                            miscellaneous proofreading

punct                          miscellaneous punctuation error

quot                             inaccurate  quotation or improperly introduced quotation

ref                                reference or pronoun incorrect, vague or misleading

rep                               undesirable repetition

rts                               run-together sentence — two sentences with no connector or period

-s                                 -s ending

sf                                 sentence focus

source                         give your source

sp                                misspelling

ss                                 sentence structure

synt                             faulty word order

trans                           transition needed

TS                               need topic sentence

vf                                 verb form

vt                                 verb tense incorrect

wc                               poor word choice

ww                              wrong word

?                                  Really?  Are you sure?  I doubt it, or I can't read your writing.