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In coming full circle, the trajectory from the Declaration of Independence 200 years ago to the declaration of interdependence that was sounded on September 11 opens an opportunity for us as educators to seize the initiative to make civic education central again. The opportunity to free education from the commercializers and privatizers, to take it back for civic education and for our children, and to make the schools of America and the world the engines of democracy and liberty and freedom that they were supposed to be. And that's not just an abstraction. That starts with addressing commercialization directly: confronting Channel One and the food court at your local college, the malling of your cafeterias, and the sellout of corporate research.

Benjamin R. Barber, "The Educated Student: Global Citizen or Global Consumer?"

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• "A Liberalism of Heart..." Henry Louis Gates Jr.
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• "Brown vs. Board of Education..." Nanette Asimov
• "Can a New Race Surmount..." Ellis Cose
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• "Eugenics and the Nazis" Edwin Black
• "Race is Not a Social Construct" Robert Locke

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