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This Weeks Assignment

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Compose your assignment in your word processor (Word) and post it on the discussion board (in one window) by copying it and pasting it on the board. Make sure that you are finished with it and have carefully proofread it before you post it. When you post it, title it "Assignment 1" and put your name in the space provided. Then I want you to read your classmates assignments and respond to two of them to give them feedback on what they have done. Don't forget that you need to find a way to resond to their post so that it advances the discussion. In order for this peer group work to be effective we need to get our work in fairly soon so that people can have the opportunity to respond to your assignment and you have the time to check out what others think of your work. Of course I will also participate, so return to the board from time to time to check out replies to your work.

Click on the following link to post your assignment

Discussion Board

Instructions on How to Post Messages

After you click on the animated "Thinking Talking Man" above, you will end up at the lime green discussion board site. On the right hand side above the grey area, there is a link that says, "Post Now!" You should click on that to post your first response to the topic that I have given you (above). Since you do not need to log in, you should put your name in the area that says "Your Name" and give your message a title. Then write your response (or paste it) in the "Message Text." area. You probably will want to put your email address in the optional box because you can have the responses to your post sent to your email address for your convenience. When you are finished posting your assignment, you should read all the other available responses and pick the ones that you would like to respond to. You do that by opening one and clicking on "Respond to this message" in the lower right corner. You can then see the original message at the top of your window while you respond to it.

Attention: Please check on the site from time to time to see what people (including me) say about what you have posted. Getting that kind of interaction is what it is all about. You may choose to respond to what someone says to you for "Extra Credit." I can't say exactly how much, but, hey, it can't hurt!